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Opportunity Fund

Thank you 2016/2017 Opportunity Fund Donors:

William and Joan Amaral

AmazonSmile Foundation

Hal and Beth Andersen

Joseph and Deborah Annese

Laurence and Kathleen Arinello

William H. Arnone

Atlantic Cleaning Products

James and Ellen Autio

Stephen and Susan Bailey

Joan Bailey

John and Kathleen Balboni

William L. Baldyga

Paul and Nancy Bandoni

Bank Of America

Bank Of America Charitable Foundation

Bernard and Anne Barcelo

Thomas and Elizabeth Barrett

Timothy Barry

Pat and Bob Barry

Joan Barry

John P Battista

Bayside Trucks, Inc.

Paul and Mary Becker

Robert Belknap M.D. and Maureen Mathews

Louis Bell

Vincent and Kerry Berlen

Janet C. Blagdon

Kristen Bloomer

Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation

BNY Mellon Community Partnership

Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation

Allan and Grace Bogusz

Michael Bowers

Box Top For Education

Jeffry and Harriet Brand

Brass ‘n Bounty, Inc.

Robert and Roberta Breen

James and Mary Bristol

John and Emily Brown

Theresa Bulman

Joan Burgess

Burgin Platner Hurley Insurance

Burke Distributing Corporation

Business Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Robert Buxton

Gloria Cairns-Sullivan

Joseph Calapa

Peter and Geraldine Callaghan

Jean F Callahan

James Carr

Thomas and Kathy Carten

Richard and Ellen Caruso

Myles Cassidy

CDA Court St. Francis Of Assisi #1859

Cedar Point Association

Christopher and Lela Celino

Century Bank

Penelope Chick

Kathleen and David Cimina

Richard Cleary

Helena S. Clifford

Coastal Heritage Bank

John and Kathleen Cochrane

Carolyn Coffey

Libby and Richard Cohen Charitable Fund

Morton and Marlene Cohen

Elizabeth M Collins

Judith Collins

John and Dianne Columbus

Commission on Disabilities of Scituate

Compass Benefits Group

Conair Corporation

Timothy Connolly

Ralph and Joyce Cooke

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cosentino

William J. Cotter

Patricia Coyne

Mike and Cindy Crimmins

Philip T. Crotty

John Crow

Claire B. Cunningham

Mary Dacey White

John Dalessio

Joseph and Kathleen Daly

Stevens Day

Anne S. Dayton

David F. DeCoste

Stephen Delano and Maura Doherty

Delphi Construction

Margaret Dery

Betsey Detwiler

Stephen Devaney

Michael and Susan Devlin

Joseph N. Dicienzo

Anthony and Nancy DiGiovanni

Luke and Karen Dillon

Leonard DiPasquale

Joseph and Katherine Disabato

Glenn and Sandra Dobecki

John and Martha Doherty

Robert and Aileen Domos

Carly Domos

Ruth Doolin

Richard and Evelyn Doyon

Thomas and Catherine Drohan

George and Janet Drummey

Anne Duduch

Suzanne Duggan

Patricia Duncan

Patricia Durant

Jack and Diane Eaton

Electro Switch Corp.

Walter and Karin Engstrom

Erminia Errico

Estate of John DeMullis

Evan Henry Foundation For Autism

EverSource Energy Foundation

Jane Falkowski

James Ferguson

Willard and Jesalyn Ferguson

Kenneth and Dorothy Feyler

Newman and Eileen Flanagan

Therese Fleming

Joseph Fleming

Debra Flynn

Jane Flynn

David and Barbara Francis

Edward and Kim Freedman

Friends of the Unborn

Jill and Jim Gabbe

Michael and Ellen Gallahue

James and Katherine Gibson

Barry J. Gifford

Jody and Shaun Golden

Jack and Ingrid Golembeski

Mark and Jenna Gomes

Ellen Good

James and Maureen Gorman

Jansi Chandler and Ted Grant

Lanier Grassie

Geraldine Grasso

Diane Griffin

Roseann Russell and Bob Griffin

Anita Guenin

Susan Gussenhoven Shea

Richard G. Hajjar

Paul K. Halloran Jr.

Pauline Hamel

Richard and Norma Hamilton

William M. Harrington

Jessie Harris

Phillip and Rita Harris

Leo J. Hart

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Cynthia Harvey

James and Christina Hassan

Renee L. Hatter

Lindsay Hawley

Michael and Mary Hederson

Hingham Congregational Church

Hingham Police Association

Michael F. Hogan

Sharon Hucul and Dr. James Kolton

Horizon Beverage Company

Robert Horrobin

James H. Howard

Hub Pen Company

David and Jacqueline Hughes

Frank and Emily Hunnewell

Joan Hurlburt

Robert and Linda Hurley

Stephen and Christine Hurley

Robert and Judith Jaruse

Joanne Jaxtimer and Michael Barry

Harry John and Lesley Makris

Jeff and Susan Johnson

Marion L. Jordan

Thomas A. Jordan

Ann Marie Josephson


The Fred Kaminski Family Trust

Ilene Kaufman

Joseph and Carol Keinberger

John Keith and Christine Sommers

Russell A. Kelley

Robert and Irene Kelley

George and Ruth Kelly

Doreen M. Keville

David and Betsey Kilmartin Charitable Foundation

John and Mary Kincaid

Tomas and Lizanne Kindler

Penelope W. Kirk

Elizabeth Kirkell

Mary Koziara and George Robbat

Timothy and Nancy Krause


Elaine K. Kwiecien

Richard and Patricia Lafleur

Patricia Laliberte

Lane, Lane & Kelly, LLP

Mary and Robert Lang

Mary G. Langer

Peggy Lavoie

Susan Leahy

Diane L. Leclair

Christina H. Lee

Clare Lehane

Anne M. Lenehan

Susan Lindberg

Longfellow Investment Mgmt. Co.

Donald R. Lonergan

John and Maureen Looney

Enid Lubarsky

Vincent R. Luise

Robert and Brenda Lynch

Edward and Janet MacCormack

Cynthia A. MacDonald

The MacDonald Family Trust

Laura MacLeod

Jane Maguire

Joan Mahoney

Mahoney Law Group

Nina Maleiko

Denise C. Maleiko

Carmel Shields and John Mannix

Michael and Joanne Maranian

Marietta A. Marchitelli

Susan and Sandy Mason

Daniel McCarthy

David and Susan McCowan

William and Ellen McDonough

William McEachern

Helen McHugh

Carol McKenna

Hugh and Mel McLaughlin

David J. McNeice

George and Karen Mechem

Carole Meyer

William and Kathleen Millett

Mobility Services International

Velma Mooney

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Moriarty Family Charitable
Foundation Trust

Diane Morse

Jeanine and David Mount

Mountain One Bank

Ann M. Moynihan

Robert and Kathy Mulhall

Ann M. Mulligan

Catherine Munro

Arthur W. Murphy

Lawrence and Charlotte Murphy

Richard F. Murphy

John and Barbara Murphy

Arthur W. Murphy

Joseph and Marta Murphy

Robert and Joan Murray

John and Elaine Murray

Cherrie Nanninga

John and Karen Narkiewicz

Michael J. Nichols

Craig and Chris Noble

Margaret and David Nolan

Laura Noonan

Mr. and Mrs. William Nutt

Charles and Elfrieda O’Brien

Richard J. O’Brien Jr.

John R O’Brien

Charles and Patricia O’Connell

Elisabeth O’Hearn

Peter and Susan O’Meara

Robert and Lilly O’Neil

Gail O’Neill


Donna and Wayne Owen

William C. Palladino

James M. Partridge

Claire A. Peront

Frank’s Fruit & Produce Co., Inc.

Michelle Picard

Robert and Donna Pineau

Linda Plante

Susan M. Porazzo

Robert E. Power

Thelma Powers

Paul and Keri Preziosi

James and Regina Purcell

Quail Hollow, LLC

Paul and Susan Quaranto

Thomas and Siobhan Quinn

Quinn Associates, Inc.

Robert and Annmarie Raleigh

Fred and Jean Raymond

B. Cooke & Son, Inc.

Sally Reynolds

John Reynolds

David J. Ring

William and Mary Risio

Ralph and Beverly Rivkind

George and Mae-Beth Robbins

Michael and Holly Roberts

Katherine Robicheau

Janet M. Robicheau

Harold Robinson

Herbert and Joyanne Robinson

Christine Robinson

Patricia Roche

Juan and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Benjamin and Jean Rogers

Peter and Paula Rogerson

Mary Roper

James and Loren Rosenzweig

Stoddard and Kerrin Rowley

RSM Foundation

James Rush Sr.

Nancy L. Sack

Sacred Heart Parish

St. Thomas More Parish

Jack and Michele Salemi

Molly Cochran and Lawrence Sauer

Mary and John Sawicky

Lawrence J. Scales

Thomas and Jeanne Scammell

Philip and Joan Scaringella

Sr. Joanne Schatzlein

Robert and Jeanne Schmidt

Paul Schneider

Anne and Daniel Scribner

Marsha A. Serafin

Brian and Jill Setian

Margaret Ann Severson

Rosemary Shea

Richard and Marsha Sherman

Graham and Christine Sida

Jonathan and Lisa Siegel

Christina G. Sim

Sisters of St. Francis Of Assisi

Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

Jeremy Slack

Stefan and Wolodymyra Slywotzky

John and Maureen Smith

Patricia Coogan Smith

Sheila Smolak

Mary Ann Grew Soltys

Beth and Bill Sorenson

John C. and Eunice B. Morrison
Charitable Foundation

Peter and Lea Sorgi

Claudia Sorgi and K. Douglas Briggs

Patricia and Michael Spatola

Robert and Mary St. Jean

John and Marcella Stanton

Margaret Stapleton

State Street Foundation, Inc.

William and Catherine Stefaney

David Stromberger

Suffolk Superior Civil Court

Kathleen and Richard Sullivan

Sullivan Tire Co., Inc.

Jean M. Sutherby

Alfred Svelnis

Shaun Sweeney

Patricia M. Sweenie

Edward J. Sylvester Jr.

Judith Tannenbaum

Anna Tanner

Teresa K. Tarpey

Ralph and Kathy Tedeschi

Tedeschi Food Shops

Nicholas A. Tenaglia

That Bloomin Place

Matthew and Amy Torrey

Paul and Sharon Trask


Mary E. Trentin

Raymond and Marianne Trevisani


United Way of Greater Plymouth
County, Inc.

United Way Of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

John and Geralyn Valencius

Richard Valente

Delia C. Vellante

Verc Enterprises, Inc.

Verizon Foundation

Yvonne M. Vissing

Phyllis Vitti

Voya Foundation

Mary Helen Walker

David and Virginia Walkins

Evelyn L. Wall

Frederick and Anne Walls

Thomas Wayne

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Robert and Karen Welsh

Joseph and Margaret Westfield

Margaret M. White

Robert and Marilyn Wilkinson

John and Barbara Wilson

Margaret E. Wilson

Alfred and Joan Wood

Francis and Carole Wyman

Thomas Wyman

David and Kim Yoshida

Sally C. Yurgelun

Joseph and Margaret Zemotel