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Major Gifts

Help us fund a program, sponsor a classroom, provide greater opportunities for independent living and lifestyles for our adult clients. Contact Jansi Chandler, VP of Development at 781.829.4611 or e-mail.

Industrial Arts Program $25,000
Woodworking and Industrial Arts have been staples in many public school systems for decades, as both electives and full courses of study. It is with great excitement that we have chosen to add an Industrial Arts program to our vocational options. This program will allow students the opportunity to work with wood and other raw materials. They will be able to create items for their own enjoyment, for sale in the unique boutique, as well as learn basic repair skills. Programs such as these provide opportunities for enrichment in all areas- academic, social/emotional, and physical.

Auditorium $250,000

The Heart and Soul of the Leonard Florence School Building, where we can all gather! 

At the Cardinal Cushing Centers, we provide students with opportunities to express themselves on stage. Performing arts opportunities include drama club and dance groups. The plays, performances, and school assemblies that we host are instrumental in helping our students develop self-confidence and public speaking skills. Experiences in our performing arts program build confidence, teamwork skills, positive emotional expression, communication, and social skills. For most of our students, participating in Cushing play or musical is a huge milestone moment and a great source of pride and excitement for their families, too!

Our staff also utilize the space for employee trainings and meetings.

Needs: New Ramps, Windows, Sound System, Drapes, Updates to Seats     

Heating System in the Florence Building $1,250,000

This is not a glamorous project but will provide an enormous benefit to our entire Cushing community.  This building affects everyone at Cushing, supporting several classrooms, offices for our therapists and clinicians, our visual arts department, our adaptive physical education department including our gymnasium and fitness center, and our school library and auditorium.

This building consists of 4 floors and it costs approximately $300,000 per floor to install the new piping needed for the heating system to function properly.

Paving the Entryway to CCC $80,000

Our new MarketPlace is amazing, but now the entryway to the rest of our neighborhood looks worn out in comparison to the newly landscaped and paved area in front of our newest asset. Repaving this entry road will provide a more welcoming environment for all of our visitors, including prospective students and adults and potential new employees. We want our external appearance to reflect the high level of care and compassion that we provide to individuals with disabilities we support day in and day out.

Generators $20,000-$40,000

Ensure that we can continue to operate safely when the New England weather causes power outages! Depending on the size of the home, a gift of $20,000 to $40,000 can provide a generator for a Cardinal Cushing residence. As we’ve navigated through the past year, our student and adult residences have become so much more than a home. They are the epicenter of what we do, acting as classrooms, a safe space for telehealth appointments, a place where friends gather and do group exercise classes, and more. If the power goes out and we lose our ability to stay connected to each other and the outside world, life at CCC is very much disrupted.

Care for Our Homes $25,000-$50,000

Many of our student and adult residences are in need of new  furniture, kitchen upgrades, carpeting, and repairs to elements such as windows and vinyl siding. Gifts ranging from $25,000-$50,000 will help us ensure that the places our students and adults call home are warm, vibrant, and welcoming!