Workplace Spotlight: Kendra

Worker spotlight - Kendra

Kendra’s warm smile and easygoing personality make her a perfect fit for her position at the South Shore YMCA in Hanover. Three mornings a week she can be found in the childcare room watching children while their parents get a little exercise.

“I really love working with the kids,” said Kendra, just as a little one was waving goodbye to her from their morning visit. Kendra, waving in return, explained how they colored and talked all about kittens earlier. She shared lots of adorable stories from many of the connections she’s made with these children.

When asked if there are ever any tears she said “sometimes but I always try to make them smile and after a little bit they stop when they find something they like.” It’s definitely a happy place, full of energy, and Kendra seems to be enjoying where her career path has taken her.

After her shift, she typically has lunch with coworkers and then hits the treadmill for a brisk walk. It’s such a nice perk of working at the Y, especially during these cold winter days.

Kendra credits her job training at the Cushing MarketPlace for helping her land this job and is quick to say she still volunteers at Take 2 one day a week.

We wish Kendra continued success and are so proud of her Cushing roots!

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