Community Spotlight: Paul Beré

Cushing Café regular Paul Beré

Cushing Café Regular

Paul Beré is a neighbor to Cardinal Cushing Centers and the MarketPlace. He lives up the street at the Cushing residences and when you speak with Paul, he’ll proudly tell you he was the very first person inside the newly designed Café. An avid walker, Paul paid a visit to the new building as it was being constructed in 2020, chatting with the workers on his daily strolls around the neighborhood.

Paul’s connection to the Café has stood the test of time. He visits almost daily after morning mass at St. Mary’s, often bringing his fellow parishioners along for a coffee and pastry. “I’ve introduced all my friends to this place. I like to talk to people and I tell them this is the place to go.”

Paul knows all of the staff at the Café and can recall the names of people who have moved on to different jobs. Even some of the Café customers know Paul. “The food is tremendous, the serving sizes are generous, and the prices are affordable. But that’s not what keeps me coming back. It’s the people and the mission. I’ve met some of the nicest and most amazing people here.”

Paul has tried everything on the menu, but his favorite is the grilled cheese with tuna. We encourage you to stop by, Monday through Friday from 7am to 2pm, to check out Paul’s favorites and to meet the wonderful staff, with and without disabilities, that make the MarketPlace run.

The MarketPlace building provides employment training to Cushing students and job opportunities to adults with disabilities. With the retail shops more visible and accessible to passersby on Route 53, we have enhanced job training, and the individuals we serve are better prepared to obtain paying jobs in the community. Part of Cushing’s mission is to remove barriers to integration and to create meaningful employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

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Since 1947, Cushing's caring community has been a place where exceptional individuals of all ages and abilities have found possibility, opportunity, and hope, receiving support to achieve independence and meaningful relationships across home, work, school, and leisure.

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