Walk Across America

Cardinal Cushing Centers’ Adult Service programs began the Walk Across America fitness program in May of 2011. They are following the American Discovery Trail, a 6,300 mile walking trail that links 15 states and the District of Columbia, 14 national parks, 16 national forests and 10,000 sites of cultural, historical and natural significance.  The American Discovery Trail is also one of 16 National Millennium Trails, joining the Appalachian Trail, the Iditarod, and other major routes in a federally recognized program.

South Shore Industries (SSI) is competing with Life Opportunities Unlimited (LOU North & South) to see which group can reach San Francisco first! Both groups are currently near the 2,000 mile mark. Minutes equal miles.  Program staff record minutes walked by a group as a whole instead of each individual walker, unless there’s only one individual walking at the time.  All walking counts! This includes time spent on their feet shopping, mall walking, delivering Meals on Wheels and even walking outside in the parking lot.

Go Teams! Happy Walking!

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