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Thrift StoreThe OT Department at Cardinal Cushing Centers has been hard at work making the Cushing Thrift Store more user friendly for both shoppers and the students and staff who work there. Specialists spent several hours helping to organize the many items for sale and then color coding all shelves with a different color duct tape. Each area of the retail site has its own color and each shelf has its own number. This seemingly simple modification will dramatically impact the students’ ability to work more independently. Staff will be able to instruct students to bring an item to the orange shelf, section two, and be confident that it will be placed in its proper location. As students gain experience working more independently, their confidence in their own abilities will rise. Staff will also have more time to focus on other projects. It’s a win-win situation for all and a great example of the type of collaboration that makes Cardinal Cushing Centers a great place to be!

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