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COVID 19 President’s Update December 23

Dear Cushing Community,

Unfortunately, this past week has brought increased numbers in COVID-positive staff and students as well as increased numbers of homes that have had to go into quarantine due to direct exposures. This news is always difficult, however, it is especially hard as we are just a few days away from the holidays.

There have been so many families impacted by this news – our staff and those we support, many of whom will be spending the holidays away from their loved ones. For those residential students and adult participants that will be staying at their Cushing home over the holidays, I know that our incredible staff will go above and beyond, as they always do, to make sure that these upcoming holidays will be extra special.

Going forward I will go back to providing a weekly community update on the overall health of the organization. These announcements may come with additional restrictions as needed. While this is a difficult decision, we have determined that there will be no visits allowed at our residences and we are suspending all visits home with family/friends as of January 4, 2021. This restriction will be in place until further notice as we continue to evaluate the overall health of our community. We hope that this will give our families time to see their loved one over the next week and a half.

Below is an update on our current COVID cases as well as any homes that are in quarantine.

Cardinal Cushing School, Hanover:

  • Through our residential surveillance testing last week, we had three additional staff test positive. We also received results this morning for two additional staff that tested positive due to a direct exposure.
  • We currently have three homes in quarantine due to direct exposure however, as of this morning, all students have tested negative in both homes.
  • We currently have one COVID positive student in our isolation/recovery home
  • All Hanover day students will remain on remote learning and are scheduled to return to school for in-person learning on January 11th

St Coletta Day School:

  • Two students tested positive. The classroom and staff have been in quarantine since last week

During this holiday season, I ask us all to take a moment and think about all of those people who leave their family, especially on a holiday, to make sure someone you love is safe. Our first responders, our healthcare professionals, and especially our wonderful Cushing staff. Their commitment to those we support and their families is truly extraordinary. I also want to thank our families for their outpouring of words of encouragement and support during these difficult times.

We know that this past year has been very difficult for you, and we pray that the coming year brings more certain times for our whole community. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and holiday season and sending peace and good wishes for better days ahead.

Be Well,

Michelle Markowitz