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Adult Residential

Feeling at home, with themselves and others.

Our Adult Services Residential Program has nine homes either in the community or on the CCC campus. Each home has typically 4-5 residents, who enjoy their own room decorated to their personal taste. The focus is on independence in the community in a supportive environment. These settings enable residents to enhance their functional and social skills, take responsibility for daily chores and develop positive relationships with neighbors and friends.
Based upon an individual’s preferences, we encourage the development of appropriate recreational, social, and spiritual interests. Residents can take advantage of:

  • 24-hour support services by exceptionally qualified and experienced staff, including Direct Supports Professionals and Residential Supports Manager.
  • Memberships at local libraries and health clubs.
  • Community resources such as grocery stores, beauty salons, malls, and movie theaters.
  • Social activities including dances, attending sporting events, and volunteer experiences.

Many of our residents have developed strong and meaningful relationships with their peers, and enjoy inviting friends and families to visit their homes. They are proud of their independence and the lives they have cultivated in their adulthood.

For more information, please contact Aindrea Benduzek at 781-829-4614 or