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Education and Vocational

Welcome from the Vice President Student Programs and Services, Robert Renna

Welcome to Cardinal Cushing Centers, Inc.! Our organization has a long history of serving students with special needs and teaching them skills to maximize their independence. Cardinal Cushing Centers, Inc. currently has three Chapter 766 school programs including St. Coletta Day School in Braintree, Cardinal Cushing School Residential Program, and Cardinal Cushing School Day Program, both in Hanover. In July 2016, we opened the ACE Program, a day and residential Transitional Education program to help prepare students for the world of work and independent living. We also offer after school programsvacation week programs, and community programs, open to any children within the special education community. Each of these programs offers students a wide range of services, individualized to meet their specific needs. For more information on any of these programs, you can click on the links above.

I am Bob Renna, Vice President for Student Programs and Services. I have worked in the field of Special Education for nearly 45 years, 3 of them here at Cushing.  Prior to coming to Cardinal Cushing Centers I was a Director of Pupil Personnel Services in a public school district and an Educational Collaborative Director.   I have been in my current position since October, 2016.  Prior to this position I was the Associate Vice President for Special Education and the Director of St. Coletta Day School in Braintree.  I am responsible for oversight of all programs and services for students under 22 years of age. This oversight includes all of the programs mentioned above. However, each of these programs has their own program director that has devoted their career to educating the students that we serve. I have listed these very dedicated and caring staff members below with their contact information. These program leaders have my full support and are here to ensure quality programs and services. If questions or concerns ever arise, I encourage you to contact these program directors to help you with any information you need or to resolve any issues you may have.

Program Director Contact Information:

Bob Renna, Vice President for Student and Program Services (781) 829-1226
Oversight of Education, Vocational Education, and Braintree Education

Jude Morgan, Director of Education (Hanover) (781) 829-1209

Doug Frazier, Director of Vocational Education (Hanover) (781) 829-1239

Leah Salloway, Director (Braintree) (781) 829-1912
St. Coletta Day School

Ginger Sullivan, Associate Vice-President for Residential Programming (781) 829-4676

Katy Hamilton, ACE Program Clinical Case Manager (781) 829-4603

Kristine Duhamel, Director of Clinical Services (781) 829-1274

Danielle Silverberg Director of Health Services (781) 829-1100

Amy Purkis, Director of Behavioral Services (781) 829-1284

I can be reached at my office at (781) 829 -1226 or by e-mail at If you are unable to reach me, please contact my administrative assistant, Nicole Conner at (781) 829-1211. Also know that during non-business hours there is always a supervisor on-duty who can reach me for emergency situations.

I look forward to working with you to provide your child with the highest quality programs and services to help maximize their independence in all areas of their lives.


Robert Renna
Interim Vice President
Student Programs and Services