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Life Opportunities Unlimited

Making a healthy, satisfying  life.

Locations in both Braintree and Hanover,  Life Opportunities Unlimited  is an innovative and
goal-oriented program for adults over the age of 22. Our dedicated team includes a registered nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, and a behavioral therapist.

The program is designed to provide a meaningful, productive experience, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, community engagement, and choice.

The primary purpose of the Life Opportunities Unlimited (LOU) Day Habilitation Program is to provide specialized therapeutic services to increase independent living and good health in the individuals who participate.  LOU’s Braintree and Hanover Program hours are from 8:30 – 2:30 Monday – Friday.

Under the supervision of qualified staff; nursing, physical, occupational, speech, communication, and music therapies, (as well as behavior management where needed) are all offered to each participant.

Based on a comprehensive assessment of each individual’s unique skills and learning styles as well as input from guardians and case workers, a detailed service & educational plan which outlines an individualized schedule of daily instruction, training and activities is developed for each individual.  Therapeutic goals in the following disciplines are developed for each individual where applicable; self-help, independent living, communication, social, affective development, sensory motor & behavioral.

With individual interests in mind the participants receive a greater focus on individual learning, community integrated activities, recreation, and social skills development.  They are engaged heavily in access to community resources which allow them the flexibility to work on their therapeutic goals while enjoying meaningful, interactive events & activities such as:

      •    Volunteering for meals on wheels delivery services to shut-ins in the community

•    Local farm animal responsibilities

•    Gardening (growing our own vegetables for nutrition classes)

•    Food shopping for nutrition classes

•    Dog Day Care

•    Swimming (outdoor summer activity)

•    YMCA attendance

•    Bowling

•    Book club discussion groups

•    Library attendance

•    Providing volunteer services to a local senior centers

They also participate in their own campus program daily in group activities such as:

      •    Artistic expression & development

•    Therapeutic music expression

•    Daily exercise and fitness routines, track & field, walking competition groups

•    Nutrition instruction & meal preparation

•    Media & computer use

Additionally individuals are provided weekly with ongoing learning & discussion forums in the areas of basic human rights, health & safety issues, universal precautions, current events, money management, & interpersonal social skill development.

All in all, the goals are focused on providing a motivating, edifying & expressive therapeutic & learning environment which will enhance the quality of life and skill development of the individuals we support  – this is at the forefront of all we do.

To learn more, contact Angela Gokey at 781-829-4610 or