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COVID-19 President Update March 26

Dear Cushing Community,
The news of Governor Baker’s extension on program closures has shaken our community.  As challenging as this is, we must continue to protect our community and adhere to the necessary safety guidelines to stop this health crisis. All of our school and adult day programs will remain closed until May 4th.  We continue to work with the Department of Developmental Services, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Department of Early and Secondary Education and trade organizations like ADDP & MAAPS to help develop plans on how we can best support the individuals in our programs as well as our families during this time. There are many meetings scheduled over the next few days which we hope will provide guidance on how we can continue to support those who are at home.  We will be sending out program updates early next week.  
As a reminder, our adult and student residential programs will continue to be closed to all visitors until May 4th. Those individuals who are currently home with friends or family must remain at home until May 4th.  We have instituted additional safeguards for those staff that continue to work in our residential programs. As of Monday, March 23rd, all staff reporting for their shifts are required to have a mandatory temperature check at the beginning of their shift.  We have asked that these temperatures be verified with a coworker as an added safety measure. Please know we are doing everything we can to keep everyone healthy, safe and engaged.  
Please reach out to our program leaders if there are any questions or concerns. We wish you all continued health during this extremely challenging time.
Be Well,
Michelle Markowitz
Interim President & CEO