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Public School Partnerships

The Public School Partnerships Program offers the opportunity for Public School systems to participate in work programs offered within the Cardinal Cushing Centers community.  There are two components available:

  1. Public schools send their students with or without a staff person to experience multiple work/employability experiences offered within the Cushing community. Students usually attend 2 – 3 days per week for 2 – 3 hours on those days.
  2. The Career Development Specialists from Cardinal Cushing Centers are available to provide community-based vocational itinerant services for students who attend public school. These vocational transition services meet guidelines that are required by both state and federal mandates.

Cardinal Cushing Centers Career Development Specialists are experienced in providing a wide range of services.  These services include:

  • Vocational counseling and guidance – work with student, parents, agencies and members of student’s IEP team to determine vocational alternatives
  • Vocational Assessment – review current assessments and recommend vocational evaluation instruments and techniques that are appropriate for each student.
  • Job Development/Job Placement – determine appropriate job match for student and perform job development in the student’s community. Arranges for on-the-job training by providing consultation and training to job coach.
  • Job analysis – Prepare written description of job content and requirements, assess workplace accommodations, restructure job as needed, and provide natural supports consultation to employer.