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COVID 19 President’s Update May 29

Dear Cushing Community,

We continue to see the benefits of our efforts to help limit the spread of COVID-19, I am pleased to report the Cushing Community has had another week of no confirmed cases. Though we continue to stay healthy, it is important that we continue our vigilance in the safeguards put forth as the risk of exposure to COVID will always be here, especially as the state begins to reopen businesses.

Cardinal Cushing Centers is still following the directives from the state and will continue to restrict all visitation to our residences for the time being. We know that this has been a very long time without seeing loved ones and that these restrictions create a great amount of stress for both those we support as well friends and families. We are creating a phased approach around visitation which we hope to roll out soon. These guidelines will include designated space for visits, scheduling, and cleaning protocols as well as mandatory use of PPE. These guidelines will be subject to change as we continue to review the overall health of our community as well as follow directives from the state.

There continues to be many meetings with state agencies and our trade organization around the reopening of day programs. We hope that there will be more guidance around this next week as Governor Baker introduces new phases of reopening businesses in Massachusetts. As we begin to phase into our new “normal” and ease restrictions, we will continue to cluster staff to certain residences and limit interaction outside of groups. This may also result in some caseload changes as we begin to plan for reopening. We appreciate your support and understanding as health and safety will be at the forefront of all of these initiatives. These plans will be shared as soon as we are given more guidance from the state and our licensors.

With the warmer weather here, we are all enjoying some much needed time outside.  We have identified schedules for our students and individuals in our adult programs to access the Hanover campus track, swings, and walking trails. Individuals can also access the greater community if they are able to tolerate wearing masks. The Hanover Board of Health has given us approval to open the pool and a schedule for its use will come out shortly.  We have also been working with the Board of Health to begin preparing our businesses for a reopening. Just this week, the Greenhouse got involved with the Marshfield Agricultural Commission to participate in  virtual Farmers Markets. It is our hope that we can begin to slowly reopen both the Café and Cushing Trader in the near future as well.

Thank you all for your extraordinary commitment in keeping our community moving forward. While we are all eager to return to “normal” we will do so with caution and with clear direction from state agencies. I know this has been a long time and I appreciate your patience as we enter into this next phase. While we do our best to connect virtually, I know that this can create lapses in communication. Please feel free to reach out to administration with any thoughts or concerns or ways that we can improve.  

“Rivers do not drink their own water; trees do not eat their own fruit; the sun does not shine on itself and flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature. We are all born to help each other. No matter how difficult it is… Life is good when you are happy; but much better when others are happy because of you.”  Pope Francis

 Thank you all for the gifts you bring to not only those that we support, but to each other, each and every day.

Be Well,

Michelle Markowitz
Interim President & CEO